Monica Olivia Wright-Squires-Owner Changing Mindsets, LLC

Monica Olivia, born in a small town in Eastern Carolina called New Bern, NC. This is where she spent most of her younger years in Oriental, NC. She lived in the Washington DC metropolitan area until the age of 9. Then she and her family made the move to Macon, Ga. And, that is where she spend her early educational years through High School. Some of her most fond memories were of her childhood days in Oriental, NC where she spent her days playing with relatives and her grandmother. Her grandmother is where she got her middle name from and her spirit of loving God and loving others. Her grandmother was the closest thing to being a Saint. She cooked for the small community Baptist church for every event. Which Monica thought was so amazing as well as everyone in the community loved her and respected her. She was a spiritual an gentle Giant.

Monica moved to Macon, Ga at the age of 9. She had begun to enter the age of pre-adolescence early as she matured physically and was subjected to the stares and advances of older boys and young men. However, she continued to grow and excel in her academics and socially in school. She attended J Ellsworth Hall Elementary, Appling B Middle School and Northeast Senior High School. In Middle School and High School, Monica excelled and participated in a variety of school activities and events. She served as Class President for two years, on the Student Council, Peer Counselor Advisor, Public Speaking, Cheerleader, Band, Choir, Flag Majorette, Homecoming Queen and Class Speaker at Graduation. Although, she was well liked, Monica thought of herself as just a nice person and at the time had not really understood her value or even purpose.

At this point, she graduated from High School and left to attend the prestigious Howard University in Washington, DC. Excited to be leaving home and living on her own, Monica stayed in the Harriet Tubman Quad her first year. Initially, Monica had thoughts of becoming a Pediatrician or Psychiatrist. However, she decided she was not interested in attended School for another 8-12 years. She decided to major in Psychology and have a Minor in both Human Development and Early Childhood Education.

Monica met her husband while at Howard and they began dating her Sophomore year in College. Initially, it seemed the match was made to last. They had their first child, a girl and got married in the same year. While, she felt some small taste of happiness with being married and having her first child. However, she continued to envision herself as a happy mother and wife. So she became consumed with making her husband happy, marriage going and raising my child. In the midst of searching for a career while dating, being a wife and mother, Monica began working several jobs but leaving each one of them after the year to three year mark. She worked at US News & World Reports in the finance Department for all of 6 months, McDonalds Corp for all of 2 years, In the Medical field, as a Medical Temporary Staffing Manager, and then at Renaissance Christian Academy for about 1 year and 3 months. Then here came baby number two, another beautiful baby girl, Life was a little more challenging and the marriage was struggling. Although, she was unwilling to see it that way because life for her was not about giving up.

Child Three, More Struggles, More jobs New Horizon CDC, Free lance Trainer, Level II Director for UPO CDC, Maximum Security, Clockwork Security, etc. Several moves to different residences until one day we were put out of our home and she was alone with all of my children. She had just lost her job and had no money. She decided to leave the marriage and and spent time with her parents. The difficult and struggling relationships developed with parents and other family and continued with her husband.

This unhealthy cycle along with the low self-esteem and lack of confidence and the limiting beliefs developed in herself continued for years. She again left her marriage for the umpteen time and was living in the Washington, DC area. While there, something almost fatal and life changing happened: She was hit by a Fire Truck!!! She was shocked, devastated and life for her had again changed but well beyond what she could have imagined. She wasn’t aware that this was the beginning of the change she had been seeking and been missing in from her life. For the last time, she went back to the marriage and tried to communicate and give another chance, But this time, Monica trusted God and expressed to her husband the need for true change to happen immediately because she could no longer operate effectively and purposely this way.

Through her faith strengthened and clarity of spirit, She found Purpose and her mission. The story to finding her personal journey of Self Discovery had begun. She was led to a Certification Program as a Specialty Life Coach. Through this journey , she truly learned about herself, Love herself, Confidence in herself, trust herself and manifest the divine purpose. This has led her to continue to make her next moves, her best moves and not backwards.

Changing Mindsets, LLC is committed to providing products and services to reset the level of mental health decline in this country by partnering with individuals seeking positive change and to be free from the issues of life that have held them captive. Seeking to coach the individual through their process of self-discovery, replacement of old habits with new tools for living life on their terms based on personal decisions which will in turn empower the individual to achieve full potential and purpose. Let Changing Mindsets, LLC join and partner with you on your Journey to True Self Discovery, “Ignite That Fire” and “Move from Surviving to Thriving”!!!